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Hard Rock Church

707 Overhill Dr. San Antonio, TX. 78228 - 210.212.4007

Welcome to the Pastors Study

Over the years Pastor Roland has found some resources for bible study online. Enjoy these resources...

Red stars indicate highly recommended *****

Alpha & Omega Ministries - Apologetics and Teaching

Banner of Truth - Articles and More

Challies - Apologetics, Articles and Teaching

Delivered by Grace - Articles and Teaching

The Briefing - Daily News from a biblical perspective

Got Questions - Apologetics and Questions *****

Grace to You - In depth teaching video/audio and articles *****

Justin Peters - Articles and Video Teaching *****

Living Waters Ministries - Teaching Audio & Video *****

Pirate Christian Radio

The Bottom Line - Articles and Teaching

The Cripplegate - Apologetics, Teaching and News *****

Voddie Baucham Ministries - Articles and Teaching w/ Video *****

Way of the Master - Ministry tools for Evangelism

When We Understand The Text - Apologetics and Teaching *****

Women's Bible Studies with Jen Wilkin

Wretched TV & Radio - Apologetics and Teaching *****

Yale University Divinity School Library